Accept partial online payments using Servicejoy

Servicejoy now supports partial online payments! Your Clients can now pay part of the Invoice amount when entering in their credit card information and when paying via PayPal. This feature is not enabled by default, but can be turned on in each invoice setting.

To turn on partial online payments:

  1. Log into your account and head over to Invoices.
  2. Click on ‘+ New Invoice’ or ‘Edit’ for the desired invoice in the list of invoices.
  3. Click the checkbox near the ‘Partial Payments’ (allow Clients to pay a portion of your Invoice at a time).

To turn on partial online payments:

Now, when your Clients go to pay your Invoice online they’ll see a new field for Payment amount. It will default to the total remaining balance of the Invoice, but your Client can now edit it down to whatever payment they want to make.

Partial Credit Card Payment

Once the feature is turned on for one invoice it will be enabled for the next new Invoice that you have online payments turned on for and vice versa.