Email templates and late payment reminders

Templates for emails sent from Servicejoy can be easily customized.
Click on the “Settings” link at the upper right corner of the screen, then on the “Emails” link.

Emails sent for new invoices, payment notifications, late payment reminders, new estimates, and new users are changed by clicking on the corresponding “edit” link. Default templates for these emails are pre-set.

The information in the “Email Signature” field is shown at the end of each email sent from Servicejoy. Change the signature as needed, and click on the “Save Changes” button.

Edit your email signature field

Email Variables
Email variables such as the client name, invoice number, invoice link, etc. can be included in the email. These are found at the right side of the window.
Invoice email variablesTo insert a variable, put the cursor at the position where it should be. Then click on the desired variable. It appears in the subject or email body with two colons (::) on either side.
Late Payment Reminders
Three reminder emails can be set up and enabled. Check the checkbox for “Send this reminder xx days after the invoice date for unpaid invoices” to enable the late payment reminder.