How much does Servicejoy cost? Is there a free plan, or are there any special rates?

Yes — there is a Free forever plan.

All Servicejoy plans are completely free for 45 days! Your unlimited 45-day free trial gives you access to every feature. No credit card. No contracts. Cancel any time!

Servicejoy offers the following plans:

  • Free forever — Manage up to 5 clients, set up one user, and get 500 MB of file storage.
  • $20/month — Manage up to 500 clients, set up one user, and get 3 GB of file storage.
  • $30/month — Manage an unlimited number of clients and get 15 GB of file storage.

With the $30/month (Unlimited clients) plan you may add additional file storage for $10.00/month/10GB and add extra users for $5.00/month/user.

Check out our pricing page for detailed information.