BREAKING: Servicejoy Acquires AOL in All-Stock DealWe’re excited to announce our acquisition of AOL! Read the full story on TechCrunch. Tomorrow is April Fools. Expect big things from Google, Facebook, and other big names who’ve been working on their pranks for weeks. You on the other hand, can troll your friends right now.

This awesome day has more in common with Halloween than you might expect — while you won’t find sexy Bernie Sanders costumes around every corner this Friday, the stakes are infinitely higher in the age of social media, and they can both be super scary, if you’re the gullible type.

Considering that this year comes standard with loads of topical fodder, the pranks almost write themselves. Say goodbye to the tired old engagement pranks, and hello to an April Fools’ Day 2016-style. Keep everyone on their toes. Very happy pre-April Fools Day to everybody.

Starting at $0/mo. Really!