Party in the Hudson Terrace Rooftop, New York, NYHeld on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 from 7 PM to 10PM at Hudson Terrace Rooftop, New York, NY, the Startup Boost Mixer 4 event was arranged in accompanying the guests to come together and talk about networking of the society and sharing stories. The event had a formal apparel suggestion and offered light refreshments to all the attendees at the formal. Managed and arranged elegantly the venue was perfect for the mixer. With a full house attending the event, the hall seemed lively and full of prospective people to converse with. A really pleasant experience for myself and the acquaintances.

Servicejoy Sponsors an Event in the Hudson Terrace Rooftop, New York, NYOne of the sponsors of the event was Servicejoy, it was represented by yours truly, Vahan Avagyan. As you already may know Servicejoy renders online invoicing and management software built for small enterprises offering them an accounting solution. As one of the sponsors, the others included 43North, MORE SIMPLE + — and AlleyWatch. The event was insightful and progressive as the guests enjoyed the ongoing representatives of the Startup Boost. The menu was delightful and the atmosphere invigorating. There were social talks and refreshing conversations that took place and many got together to enjoy the event and mingle. Servicejoy as a debonair sponsor stood out because of the sponsorship support for the event, resulting in a number of new account signups. All in the entire event came to a pleasant and sublime finish as the entire guests were thrilled to have attended such a get together and mixer which was informative and enjoyable at the same time.

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